WordPress has announced its most updated version of Content Management System (CMS) in form of WordPress 4.0 Beta 1, only last week. Here is a brief overview of some of its crucial features.

Media library

The version 4.0 enables displaying the media gallery either in a list view or in a grid view. As such, as of now there is different toolbar for this view.  This layout is bound to appeal to different individuals differently. However, the probability cannot be ruled out that in course of time, a single identical toolbar will be available to facilitate both the types of views.

The grid view toolbar allows user to select relevant information. This may include

  • Name of an image
  • Location where it is uploaded and
  • Upload date, etc,

Interestingly, the media gallery grid view possesses another feature. There is a dropdown box that displays different types of media based on the menu selected on it.

Option for selecting a language on the install

WordPress is an exclusively popular CMS, used in many non-English speaking nations. Thus, the install page on the version 4.0 prompts for a choice of language preferred by users. This is a great benefit for the societies that speak languages other than English.

Previews: Embedding via URLs

When one is adding an embedded URL to a new line, the 3.9.1 version just leaves a link with the editor. Contrastingly, performing the same action on the version 4.0 runs the specific video. This action is almost instantaneous. Prior to this version, none of the previous ones displayed a video file from within the editor.

Plug-in experience

The latest version of WordPress comes with especial feature, in form of plug-in manager. This feature is useful in finding plug-ins. Instead of having list of plug-ins in the search field, WordPress 4.0 Beta comes with columns, bearing plug-in cards. Moreover, it offers some additional details, like

  • The plug-in last updated
  • Whether, the downloaded plug-in is supported by the respective version of the CMS and
  • Number of downloads a plug-in has, etc.

The editor resizes

WordPress version 4.0 Beta comes with a smart editor that resizes itself intelligently, to fit the dimension of the browser. Moreover, this does not affect the top or the bottom bars, as these constantly remain fixed to the top and the bottom of the screen, even when one scrolls.

This feature proves effective to users, while working with large images.

These apart, it is expected to have some other features as well. In fact, its formatting features are being expected to undergo some crucial changes. The product is all set to launch within a short time span. Now, it is to be seen what other features are added to it in excess to this list.