Google is one of the most popular online Search Engines in the world. To be precise, it is a multi-national corporate brand that has its base in the United States. The organization is exceptionally specialized in facilitating various services, which are based on the virtual domain of the internet. Some of its most popular services include facilitation in

  • online searching
  • online advertising and
  • cloud computing, etc.

As a matter of fact, Google provides a set of helpful tools like Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to help professionals involved with online optimization of websites.

google analytics and webmasters tool

What is Google Webmaster tool?

It is – as has already been mentioned above – a helpful online service that the Search Engine giant offers free of cost to webmasters. It helps the professionals to check and confirm indexing status and thereby, optimize prominence of websites.

It includes services like,

  • Checking and submitting a site map
  • Check and set crawling rate of Google bot into a website
  • Providing statistics about how the spider accessed a given website
  • Listing of both internal and external pages that link to the website in question
  • Determining how the website’s URL is displayed on the SERP
  • Revealing statistics on how Google indexes the site

and many more.

What is Google Analytics?

It is the most trusted tool to avail website statistics. It is also a free service provided by Google with the aim to facilitate online optimization. It reveals detailed statistics about a web portal’s traffic, including its source. It also measures real-time conversions and sale volumes.

However, there is a premium version of Google Analytics which cost a fortune. Most importantly,

  • It tracks online visitors coming from all kinds of references, including those of the Social Networking platforms and the Search Engines.
  • It keeps trail of direct visitors to a web portal, as well as its referring sites.
  • Google Analytics promotes online advertising and email marketing, etc.
  • Moreover, it provides advantages like linking PDF documents.

Combining Google Webmasters’ tool with Google Analytics

Both the entities, mentioned above are widely used by SEO professionals to promote visibility of a website. Statistical data generated from these tools provide crucial insight regarding successful optimization of a virtual domain across the World Wide Web. But, interestingly, as it has been often experienced, data coming from these separate sources often vary a lot!

There are many probable reasons behind this mismatch of information, which can be summed up as follows.

Google Webmasters’ tool with Google Analytics and Disparity of Information

The mismatch of information is quite logical, given varying nature of the two.

  • Google Analytics and many other similar tools maintain a track of traffic only from those users who have JavaScript enabled on their browsers. Whereas, the Webmaster does not work on such preconditioned search.
  • Webmaster Tool – however – has to handle some excess data processing. It has to work with the aspects like visiting of the robots and redundant content, while generating its report.
  • Moreover, Webmaster Tool lists only those keywords that Google analyzed as most significant to a given site. In a typical Google Adwords page, one can view the total number of user queries for a given keyword across the internet.

Therefore, a competent SEO professional has to make use of data, generated from the two different sources, on different contexts. One has to be prudent in this matter and this is an excellent example that proves how experience triumphs over anything else in the vocation of Search Engine Optimization.