Regardless of the sort of business you are into, having a website has become of extremely important. In order to survive in the marker businessmen have to ensure that they occupy a prominent online space. Making the website an attractive forum should be the goal, so that viewers review your website as many times as possible. The challenge rests here. Remember, there is huge power in the hands of Internet users. Promoting your website should be a regular phenomenon. Here is a list of online promotional tools that you can use:

  • Functioning Feedback Forms: The best way to find out what your viewers think and have to say regarding your website, products and services is through a well structured and functioning feedback form. The feedbacks would help you improvise your website.
  • Bookmarks: Remembering the URL is not always possible. Instigating your viewers to bookmark your website is an efficient technique. It gives surety that the user will remember about you and will visit the website, sooner or later.
  • Content: Content is one of the key driving forces that prompts customers to visit a website, again and again. It offers a reason to customers to revisit your website. You can have unique and interesting contents such as “tip of the day” or “Expert opinions”, that people would like to explore.
  • Promotional Offers: People around the world are alike. Easy to win contests, coupons and similar stuff will entice customers worldwide.
  • Surveys: Surveys open an efficient avenue via which important customer data can be obtained. Suggestions of customers are always valuable.
  • Testimonials: Offering awards and testimonials on your website will help magnetize customers.
  • Internet Chat: Chatting over the Internet will help in forming a rapport with the customers. Remember, there are millions of services providers. However, work order is received by those who maintain good relationship with clients.
  • Travel or Showcase: Offering an online tour to customers is a favorable step. This helps customers to have an overview of the services and products you are offering. Try highlighting your USP in this section.

These are promotional tools that are utilized by majority of qualified webmasters. Adequate usage of these tools ensures proper promotion of your website. There are many promotional techniques that you can make use of. The promotional techniques will be discussed in subsequent blogs, keep an eye on this space.