Website designing is the art and the craft of creating virtual domains across the realm of the internet. It is also referred to as web designing and involves much creativity. From the technical aspect, the very process takes into account several inter-related factors, which are as follows:

  • Designing the interface
  • Designing web graphics
  • Encapsulating different software applications and writing codes and
  • Designing the user experience interface

As such, the concept of web designing also encompasses the aspect of site maintenance. That is why conducting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also a component of web designing these days.

web design tools

Relevance of designing websites

Websites are one of the most crucial elements, in the contemporary times, to elevate any business to success. In fact, ecommerce and online shopping are already much popular. As such, these are going to take much deeper roots in the society in the coming times. In short, therefore, the aspect of conducting business across the virtual domain of the internet cannot be ignored by any means.

Websites and browser war

The term ‘browser war’ is a metaphor that refers to the corporate rivalry between Microsoft and Netscape for gaining dominance and popularity among the net using community. In fact, both the organizations had two unique internet browsers, Internet Explorer and Navigator, respectively. During the 1990s, these were the most popular entities in their specific category. Therefore, the global community of internet users was split between these two brands.

However, from 2003 onwards an array of efficient and dependable browsers came into existence. The list includes

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox and
  • Safari, etc.

These browsers provided their service at faster rates than the existent ones. Thus, the dominance of the Internet Explorer and Navigator faded away in a natural process, which, eventually, ended the browser war.

Contemporary web designing

Mobile internet is the most popular trend among the internet users. As such, browsing websites on a gadget as tiny as the mobile phone provides newer dimensions to the overall web design aspect. In this context, loading time for a webpage require to be unbelievingly short. Therefore, including a set of smart applications on a HTML page may, eventually, turn a potential customer away from the site itself.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has already launched the latest versions of crucial web designing tools like,

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 and
  • JavaScript API

On the whole, the aspect of web designing has been thoroughly redefined in the present times.

Latest web designing tool

Web designing requires a set of efficient tools. However, it is not just tools alone. Abstract elements like creativity and imagination are more crucial ingredients to design websites properly. In fact, each designer will select a unique set of these tools for a given task.

Technology has evolved to towering heights and has gifted us a wide range of efficient applications that has enabled designers to cut down substantially on both effort and time. The latest web-designing tools for websites can be aptly categorized into various sections, like

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Wire framing
  • Layout and boiler plates and
  • Content Management, etc.

Tools for coloring schemes

  • Kuler is a free application brought out by Adobe that allows uploading, creating and editing color schemes pretty easily.
  • Pictaculous is another free tool introduced by Mailchimp and is an excellent color palette generator.
  • Google chrome introduces ColorZilla that provides numerous advanced options like color picker, gradient generator and eye dropper, etc.

Typography tools

  • Webfonts is introduced by Google, comes for free and is very helpful to the designers.
  • Font Squirrel is another free tool that is free, providing superior quality fonts meant for commercial use.
  • Typecast, on the other hand, is a paid tool that provides a stunning level of efficiency.

Wire framing tools

  • Balsamiq is a paid one that provides replicating user experiences.
  • Moqups is a free app that comes along with HTML5.
  • Google Drawing is a free tool in this regard that is widely used by web designers.
  • However, Photoshop and Indesign are the most dependable wireframing applications and both are pretty expensive.

Tools for layout and boiler plates

  • 960 Grid can be regarded as the benchmark of all applications in this category. Moreover, it comes for free.
  • Bootstrap is a free tool that comes with a set of smart and stunning features.
  • Skeleton is also a free software application that is sued by hundreds and thousands of designers.

Content management tools

  • WordPress was initially the most popular forum for blog posting. However, it has reinvented itself as the most efficient Content Management tool and comes free of charge.
  • Joomla is another application in the same category. It is used by millions of users and is also a freeware.
  • Drupal also comes free of cost and is an open-source Content Management forum supporting zillions of websites these days.

In fact, web designing aspect has undergone radical change with the introduction of this latest tool set. There is no doubt that the task of a designer has become more challenging in the contemporary times. Websites are – however – on the way to provide more impressive user-experience and user-interaction in the coming times.