Content marketing and link building are two popular strategies that are sweeping across SEO industry in the present times. However, given the fact that the world of SEO is extensively dynamic in nature, it is highly probable that this existing trend may turn obsolete within a few weeks or so. In fact, the concept of link building – in particular – has attained an all time high, courtesy, Google’s constant emphasis on the aspect itself.

Elements of bonding

If one considers the aspect of practicality, one cannot deny that the two aspects have much in common. As far as the SEO segment is concerned, both the elements subscribe to

  • Driving online traffic
  • Increasing online prominence
  • Facilitating relationships with targeted groups
  • Building brand values and
  • Increasing conversions, etc.

Marketing contents

At this crossroad, a group of competent SEO professionals are more and more depending on the aspect of content marketing to develop links for websites. As such, content marketing has turned into something like stepping stone, or the initial strategy, which invariably, paves the way for link building. The pair of strategies – given the contemporary backdrop in the SEO industry – is a set in combination that facilitates successful campaigns for optimizing Search Engines.

In fact, this article itself is an ideal example of marketing contents. As such, there is a common mistake that most over-enthusiast SEO professionals keep committing these days. They emphasize on content marketing with the sole aim to create back links to a website. One has to understand that the two aspects are completely contrasting to each other. However, given the circumstance, the two are being applied in unison to promote visibility of a website. But that does not indicate that content marketing should only be used with the intention to create links for a website.

Building back links

Interestingly, building back links do not require the help of contents. This is what most SEO experts seem to be forgetting these days. Content does facilitate the aspect of link building, but as such, one can create links for a website without any content. To put it in more lucid way, the aspects of content and link building are thoroughly independent to each other. Significantly, at the opposite end, successful marketing of content can be conveniently done without building any link to it. Content marketing is all about conveying information to a targeted group, or the larger society. It is not customary that it should follow with a link to a website that may or may not be relevant to the given topic.

As such, as it has been mentioned already, the two aspects can perfectly work hand in hand. SEO professionals, who make an honest effort to improve online visibility of a web portal, especially in the ongoing times, find it most rewarding to use both the aspects in combination.

Therefore, one can certainly conclude that the concepts of content marketing and link building are perfectly complimentary to each other.

Content marketing contributing to building links

Content – especially, given the recent updates that the search engine giant Google has introduced – has to maintain certain standards. These can be summed up as following

  • Original writing and not copied from other sources
  • Relevant to a given topic and
  • Informative, etc.

In short, creating quality content requires ample time and thorough research. The online visitors expect quality content. As such, relevant, and informative content is a linkable asset. Good content displayed on a website may be referred by other websites. This reference is done by providing links.

However, having said everything about content marketing, it should be emphasized that content should never go beyond its scope and facilitate the process of building links for a website.

Building links for quality content

Creating quality content is not the absolute assurance to success in promoting visibility of any website. The ultimate goal is to facilitate traffic, to a website. That is why content alone cannot promote a business to prominence. This is where the aspect of link building becomes relevant in reality. This is where the concept of referral traffic comes into play.

Effective link building tactics

  • Set up a Google alert, with the name of a given article. It helps tracking each and every mention of the article across the internet. Now, suppose someone has referred the content on the internet, but, for whatsoever reason, has not provided any link to it. As a competent SEO professional, one can reach out to that individual and request him or her to append the respective hyperlink to the reference. In most identical incidents, requests like these are not turned down by strangers.
  • Secondly, it often happens that one blog content mentions acknowledgement to several persons or businesses. After the content gets published, one can always approach those entities and let them know that they have been referred to, for whatsoever reason. This is an effective way to reap mutual benefit in the world of online marketing.

Link building, on quality content, is an effective marketing strategy to promote prominence of any website. However, it is not the only effective marketing strategy that works, especially in the contemporary times. A competent SEO expert requires implementing various other strategies, simultaneously, to ensure marketing success online.