Google is the world’s most popular Search Engine.  And as it seems, this entity is all set to usher in a massive change across the SEO landscape in the contemporary times. In fact, the Search Engine has, over a span of time, attained substantial success in replacing tactical SEO approaches with more strategic ones. However, the time is certainly not ripe yet to declare that the days of tactical SEO are finally over. But as it seems obvious, with the flow of time, strategic approaches are gradually gaining better foothold in the SEO industry all over the world.

In this context, it will be helpful to take a few steps back and try to comprehend the bigger picture.


  • Since September last year, Google has declared all organic searches to be made secure. In other words, it means webmasters have lost the opportunity of acquiring keyword data for the users visiting a given website from Google Search Engine.
  • This list was helpful for a number of reasons. More than anything else, the list helped SEO professionals to understand intentions of visitors coming to a site. Moreover, it facilitated conducting Conversion Optimization and much more.
  • Google has almost religiously updated ‘Page Rank’ – that is shown in Google Toolbar – within a period of three months or so.  Interestingly, 2013 has witnessed a stark contrast, in context to these updates. The last update that was routinely done was back in February 2013. Moreover, as Matt Cutts was quoted to have said, there was going to be no page Rank updates till the beginning of 2014.
  • This chain of events contributed to the buzz that Google was on the way to do away with Page Ranking. As such, hundreds and thousands SEO experts – if not more – consistently rely on Google Page Rank to quantify their success.
  • In this changed circumstance, it is more likely that Google will come up with some better benchmark that will be certainly more transparent and logical in its approach.
  • The Humming Bird update has undoubtedly facilitated a mammoth change on the aspect of conducting searches on Google.
  • Entering a query like, “Show pictures of Shree Jagannath Temple” on Google will invariably land the visitor on web portals containing graphical images of the famous temple in Puri. This is an excellent improvement that indicates a paradigm shift in conducting searches on Google.
  • However, this aspect still requires to be improved and it is certain that the Search Engine major is busy with it. In fact, this developing aspect is a genuine precursor to the future of using keywords in search strings.

SEO and the future

All these changes and many more that Google has introduced in the recent times, indicate a whale of a change that is consistently taking place across the virtual domain of the internet. Google has set up a priority of finding and rewarding websites that are really outstanding on the SEO aspect. Moreover, it also intends to reward authors accordingly, who provide excellent answers to search queries of the online visitors.

Imminent future of the SEO industry thus can be summed as following.

  • Understanding one’s target visitors better
  • Creating original, relevant, informative and valid content
  • Facilitating visibility of a website along with establishing its authority and last but nevertheless, the least
  • Providing a great experience for the online users visiting a particular site

In fact, other related factors, like properly laying the architecture of a website so that Search Engine spider can understand it clearly, are more crucial these days. Therefore, any competent web designer has to focus more on using schema and related markup to produce Search Engine-friendly websites. Using Google Map to implement exact physical location of a corporate entity is already pretty common these days. Facilitating local search – in places where it is essential – is also becoming more relevant with passage of time.

Interestingly, Google may eventually facilitate a set of changes that are in complete contrast to the trends mentioned above. However, that probability seems quite low. But whatever may the final outcome be, one thing is certain that tactical SEO approaches like obsession with Page Rank and Keywords are going to take a back seat in the coming times.