If you are an internet user then it is obvious that you must be using the following applications, or at least one of them.

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit and
  • Twitter, etc.

social media optimization

There is a common thread that runs through the applications mentioned above. These all are Social Media platforms. In fact, Social Media has become a buzz word these days. There is hardly an individual who browses the net, but is not a member of any Social Media platform.

SMO and contemporary business

Social Media Optimization is a smart way to gain prominence. In fact, more and more business houses implement various SMO strategies from time to time and make their brand more popular across their customer segment.

In fact, in comparison to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SMO proves to be more effective in generating awareness among online community. Flipkart.com is a prominent business website in India these days. This premier brand is known to implement only SMO strategies. As such, it has not implemented any SEO strategy till date and yet has gained unprecedented popularity.

This proves the potential that SMO holds in the contemporary times.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is also referred to as Social Media Marketing (SMM). In most simple words, SMO is the tactic to raise visibility of an organization on the internet, using different Social Media platforms. The entire effort is aimed at promoting the brand in question.

SMM makes use of

  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Online videos
  • Photo and news sharing and
  • Online posts on Social Media platforms, etc.

to reach out to a larger audience. Interestingly, the audience in this context may either be targeted or non-targeted, varying from project to project.


SMO provides a number of advantages. These can be listed as following:

  • Reaching out to a large number of people, almost instantly, and that at a pretty reasonable cost
  • This is absolutely compatible with conventional marketing strategies
  • Effective in building credibility across relevant platforms
  • It is, all the more, helpful in bringing in online traffic from other Social Media websites and
  • Effective in improving SERP ranking, etc.

Tool set

There are a number of tools that is indispensible to Social Media Marketing. These include

  • Social Bookmarking or tagging, like Facebook and MySpace, etc.
  • Video sharing, example YouTube
  • Photo sharing, example Flickr and Zoom, etc.
  • Collaborative tools, example Google, Zimbra
  • Wiki tools, example Wikipedia
  • Profesional networking, example Linked In
  • Blogging tool, example Mashable

and many more.

Successful SMO techniques

As such, techniques required for conducting SMO is comparatively simple. First, one has to understand the importance of doing SMO and the rest will automatically fall into place. Some of the common techniques involving this aspect include the following.

Creating a fan page on Facebook – Popularity of this particular Social Media platform is genuinely high. Creating a Facebook fan page is assured to bring in substantial volume of online traffic.

However, it is more helpful in adding thumbnail graphics to the links on Facebook. Try to initiate the targeted audience with a kind of interactive communication.

Creating similar account on Twitter – Having a Twitter profile for a business is effective as well, considering the colossal number of individuals who follow the platform. Describing ideas here in simple language proves effective in connecting with the masses.

Thinking about visual learners – A larger number of people are inclined to pick up a topic better if there are supporting graphics describing the concept. As such, Flickr is not just a photo sharing platform. It is more intended to facilitate interaction between individuals.

Therefore, posting relevant photos on Flickr proves helpful in promoting a business.

Social Bookmarking sites – These websites help in floating bookmarks online for the people to see. Creating bookmarks on Reddit, StumbleUpon and Digg, etc. is helpful in increasing online traffic to a website.

Availing memberships of various relevant forums – People share and discuss various topics on the online forums. Thus, a business entity can join a forum and initiate a discussion about its product or service. In fact, electronic major Apple Inc. and renowned online payment gateway PayPal have their own forums.

As such, the aspect of SMO or SMM, in whichever terminology it may be described, is a dynamic and evolving concept. Lots of newer applications are coming up and thus, the method of operation is changing drastically in this context. There was a time, few years ago when Orkut was a popular site for online networking. With the advent of Facebook, in the recent times, the former has turned obsolete by all means.

The latest SMO strategies are bound to get replaced with time. But till that occurs, it is more important to avail these strategies and promote one’s business to towering height of success!