A good content has immense potential to facilitate the visibility of any website. A high-quality content easily gets circulated on the internet and eventually, gets referred naturally. As such, an attractive write-up subscribes handsomely in creating a positive image for a business. However, just writing up a good content does not happen on its own. There are several factors related to creating an exciting content that will eventually, promote a business across the internet.

Let us now unravel the secrets creating good contents.

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Successful Content Writing 

There are plenty of aspects related to content writing. As a matter of fact, it is not that one has to keep focus on each and every aspect related to the topic. Content writing is a creative zone and therefore, one requires to think innovatively to create a good content. Honestly, a few basic tips that are being included here are more important than others, to create high quality content, which will furthermore, facilitate visibility of a website.


A content, on any given topic under the Sun, has to be absolutely free from plagiarism. Copying contents from the net is quite easy and as such, one does not require any commendable skill set to perform this task. Plagiarized content is as bad as stolen goods and Search Engines are becoming more and more ruthless in penalizing such stuff.

Moreover, there are some excellent software like Copyscape that can trace the origin of any content on the internet in a few seconds!

Good Writing vs. Good Content

A good writing does not necessarily make a good content. A good content should maintain its focus on the given topic. A good content writer – therefore- has to truncate a lot of related points and subjects, so that she/he can stick to the given point.

This actually is a skill that one develops over time. One should better understand, in this context, that while writing up a blog or an article, one has to make certain decisions almost within split seconds. It is the capability of taking the right decisions that eventually reflect on a so-called good content.

Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

Suppose while reading a literary classic, if we come across several grammatical and punctuation errors will that ad to the joy of reading? The answer is obvious. Same is the case with a content. Spelling error is a common aspect that can cut down the quality of a writing to large extent.

Competent writers do take care of this aspect and therefore, they produce more error-free writings.

Structure and Format

An attractive writing should have a pleasing structure and format. It looks good and attractive to a reader. Just a volume of text – however, well-written and informative – dumped on a page hardly attracts a reader.

Moreover, such well-structured writings are given higher rankings by Search Engines, as the robots can conveniently move through such texts.

These are a set of general tips that can improve the quality of any article. However, as far as the SEO aspect is concerned, there are a few more helpful points that can prove more helpful to any content writer.

Attractive title – Any good SEO article should have a catchy title to attract readers. Content writers require to rack their brains to provide smart and attractive titles to their write-ups.

The first para – The first paragraph of any content is the key that defines its overall quality. If a reader points out several mistakes on the first paragraph itself, it is obvious for him or her to move away from it.

Keyword placing and stuffing­ - Keywords require to be placed at appropriate places of a content body to facilitate optimization. SEO professionals, although, have different opinions regarding where keywords are to be placed in a write-up, it is better for a writer to consult this aspect with the respective SEO specialist before initiating writing.

Keywords should appear naturally. It should not make the impression that a keyword has been forcefully punched into a line or a paragraph.

Keyword stuffing and density – Excessive stuffing of keywords is a bad practice. It demotes the quality of writing, as well as it brings trouble for an SEO expert as the entire content might get spammed.

Correct and validated information – All information that are provided to the world through a content have to be authentic. Biased or wrong information has no place in the indexing algorithms of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

A good meta description – An attractive meta description covering the synopsis of the article containing the given keywords proves immensely helpful for SEO. A competent content writer proves her or his mettle on this tiny aspect.

These are some of the crucial aspects that invariably affect the quality of a content. However, a content writer may also have to shoulder the responsibility of choosing relevant images and graphics for a given article or blog. In short, a high-quality content requires considerable time to get created.