PPC is the abbreviation for Pay-per-Click and is one of the most popular online advertising techniques in the present times. The basic concept of PPC can be resolved as per following:

  • The advertising technique is meant to direct traffic to a website
  • A business advertises itself on the internet
  • As the medium is the World Wide Web (WWW), the advertisement appears on a typical website, which is referred to as the publisher
  • In the overall process, advertisers pay the publisher as and when the advertisement is clicked by internet users

ppc management

Therefore, in other words, a PPC campaign is rightly described as, the amount of money spent to get an advertisement clicked. PPC can be further categorized into two distinct parts. Bid-based PPC is an effective component in this context.

Basics of PPC

There are some ads that automatically popup at the top, along the right side of the webpage whenever, one performs a search on the Search Engines like Google and Bing!, etc. These popups are the finest example of PPC campaign, which is bid-based. The Search Engines maintain their respective advertising facilitation units where the advertisers compete with each other to secure the top advertisement positioning in organic search results. Mostly in bid-based PPC, the costs for keywords vary a lot. Actually, this cost is dependent on the factor of demand for a particular term at the moment of the search.

Intricacies of the Process

Advertisers, which normally are commercial websites, put up a maximum price that they are willing to pay to the publishers (or, the Search Engines), as and when a visitor clicks on their advertisement(s). As already mentioned, the ads automatically popup when a visitor performs a search on the internet, using relevant keywords.

Interestingly, higher the position of appearance of an advertisement implies, higher is the advertiser’s bid on it. The position, in this respect, is referred to as Ad Rank.

Quality Score Factors

It is natural for the Search Engines to maintain a standard and keep on upgrading – if and when possible – of the advertisements published in the above context. This is where the concept of Quality Score comes into play. There are several factors to determine the aspect of quality score, which include

  • Click through rate
  • Landing page quality
  • Landing page load-time
  • Ad copy relevance and
  • Landing page load-time, etc.

Running the campaign

Running a PPC campaign is pretty challenging. Thankfully, there are innumerable competent PPC management services India - in the present times – who prefer to resolve down the entire aspect into smaller factors and eventually, produce stunning results.

  • First, prior to flagging of the campaign it is crucial to set a specific goal. Relevant elements in this regard may include, promoting brand awareness and increasing sales, etc.
  • Work out a budget and just stick to it throughout the campaign
  • It is all the more implied that selection of relevant keywords plays the most crucial role in the aspect of conducting a PPC campaign
  • There are several online tools – like Google Keywords and Wordtracker, etc. – available to help you finalize the keyword list
  • In this context, it is sensible to bid on the exact keywords that are relevant to one’s line of business to ensure a commendable Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Here it indeed is helpful to use different keywords to different ads if there is the option of multiple keywords involving a PPC management project; this ensures both higher clicks and higher conversion rates
  • Create eye-catching titles, catchy landing pages and excellent ad copies
  • Start bidding on the keywords that properly describe your online business, products or services to get conversions and generate good ROI (Return on investment)

A successful PPC campaign never aims to fool visitors. Moreover, a PPC campaign requires to be optimized regularly, sticking to the rulebook. At the same time, one requires to monitor the program almost on an everyday basis. PPC is a tested procedure to optimize your business prominence in the contemporary times.