Internet is – undoubtedly – one of the best tools that have been ever invented. Browsing the net to fork out specific information on any given topic or subject is a common practice in the ongoing times. Now, there are exactly a zillion websites, if not more, that exist today. Browsing through such a huge number of virtual portals to locate specific information is rightly beyond the scope of any human individual. This is where existence of the Search Engines becomes relevant. Search Engines, like Google, runs complex algorithms at the background and searches out the relevant links or web pages based on the entered search string. In this context, there is one point more that requires clarification. The websites that rank higher are placed relatively above on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

panda updates

Google Panda

  • The algorithms of a Search Engine actually act as a filter that affects visibility and prominence of the websites. Panda update is one such algorithmic filter that was launched by the Search Engine major Google in February 2014.
  • Panda algorithm is revised and updated on certain intervals. Google enjoys sole prerogative on determining when to introduce updating.
  • This drive was launched with the objective to promote the sites with superior quality and to demote the ‘thin’ or ‘low quality’ sites on SERP listing.
  • Interestingly, Panda update allows a website that was previously admonished, to get back into the top slots of SERP if it implemented the required changes.

As a matter of fact, introduction of Panda update has a far-stretched impact in the SEO industry. A lot of websites lost their SERP ranking almost over nightly. On the other hand, there are other web portals that received the much expected boost and eventually, gained prominence.

However, the world of SEO service is a dynamic domain and ups and downs on the Result Page rankings are a part of everyday life. The real challenge that one has to face in this industry can be resolved into simpler modules.

• Promoting a newly launched site on the first page
• Maintaining a site’s first page position and
• Bringing an existent site back on the first page ranking

Panda update and rescue operation

Google is indisputably the most popular Search Engine across the world. As such, it has some added responsibilities in streamlining the SEO service providing industry. The Google updates, namely

• Penguin
• Panda and
• Humming Bird

are aimed to make the SEO service industry around the world more transparent and responsible. It is because of these specifications that the entire world of business and commerce is becoming more and more dependable on SEO experts.

If one looks carefully at the different Google updates, one will unfailingly notice the Search Engine aimed to restructure the concept of link buildings with Penguin update, just as Humming Bird is all about restructuring the concept of semantics.

  • In a similar way, Google Panda update is all about reinventing the scope of content writing and creation. Website contents require being informative and all information provided there has to be validated information. Actually, most users log on to the internet to procure information on topic or another. Therefore, information that is provided on the internet has to be correct and authentic.
  • However, that does not mean that uniqueness of content is a factor that can be deliberately overlooked. As such, Google does not allow anyone to get away with coping and pasting contents of others.

Coping informative content from other sources may provide an initial boost to a websites ranking. However, in the long run the attempt bound to backfire and the site will be penalized.

Thankfully, recovering from the adverse effects of Panda update is possible. In that case, the entire content for the website has to be reworked upon. As an SEO expert, or as a content developer, one has to keep certain things in the mind, more than anything else.

• Create content that is relevant and informative
• Before start creating the content, it is better to validate the information upon which the content is based
• Content has to be totally unique and creative; copying and pasting that from other sites will not work

Panda is one of the robust updates of Google algorithm and is going to stay relevant in the SEO industry. Rather than trying to adopt shortcuts and make temporary gains, for any competent SEO business, it is much better to go all the way and avail reaping long-time dividends.