The last couple of days or so has been extremely crucial for the world of SEO. As such, the Search Engine major, Google has launched a couple of web spam updates. These are

  • Panda 4.0 and
  • Payday Loan 2.0, respectively

In fact, it was none else than Matt Cutts himself, who confirmed the rollout of Panda 4.0 across the Twitter. However, in a small twist, launching of the Payday Loan 2.0 was first announced on the Search Engine Land and afterwards, Matt tweeted the news.

The backdrop

In fact, for the global fraternity of SEO professionals and consultants, these updates were quite expected. Over the last week or so, there has been considerable movement for the websites across the Search Engine’s SERP listing. This was the precursor to the current development. In fact, rumour mills across the world went berserk last Tuesday that the updates had already been launched.

Now, let us take a glimpse into the updates that have been launched.

Panda 4.0

  • In most probability, this seems to be a softer update
  • According to reports, the update is influencing various languages to various extents. As far as English in concerned, the affect reports to be about ~7.5 per cent of the queries
  • In fact, Google refresh Panda on a monthly basis, these days, as a part of the main algorithm
  • This particular update, as it seems apparently, is slightly more generous to the websites that were previously affected
  • Considering all these factors and many more, it seems, Panda 4.0 is a new update to the existing algorithm

Payday Loan 2.0

As any competent SEO professional will recall effortlessly, Payday Loan Algorithm was actually launched last June. As such, the industry was expecting the next follow-up to be just around the corner.

This update, as it apparently seems, categorically aims “very spammy queries,” which is typically associated with excessive web spam. As such, common elements of web spam include

  • Payday loans
  • Accident claims
  • Insurance claims and likewise

In fact, one certainly has come across some poor quality websites that are relevant to the above mentioned topics. Google, perhaps, plans to weed out these entities to make the internet more relevant and informative to the users.

Official version

Interestingly, a Google spokesman has been officially quoted as saying the Payday Loan 2.0 is neither routine follow-up of the Penguin or the Panda. Rather, it is the updated version of a new genre of algorithm that was launched about a year back to settle the issue of spammy queries.

In most probable case, this one is a universal rollout that is already affecting various languages to various extents. In fact, queries made in English, so far that has been reported, seem to be affected by 0.02 per cent.

Any Google update either brings success or failure to a website. In fact, it is still a transitional phase to gauge the actual impact of these latest rollouts. Ideally, every site owner and SEO experts should cautiously monitor the impact that the rollouts are having on the respective portals. In fact, collating every bit of experience that individuals across the world are facing as the consequence, it will be possible to correctly understand the true extent of these rollouts.