Back in the year 1997 there was near about a million websites that existed across the virtual domain of the World Wide Web (WWW). This number increased, at an exponential rate, to over 150 million hardly within a decade! This proves the unprecedented popularity of the internet in the contemporary society, worldwide. With passage of time technology has upgraded itself beyond all imaginations.

As such, with the launching of android devices, like Smartphone, internet has literally landed on our palmtop. Back in 2007, there were about a million mobile-friendly websites across the world. Within a span of a decade, which is by 2017, it is expected to cross the 150 million mark! In this circumstance, it is actually more relevant, than anything else, to opt for mobile-friendly online portals.

As a matter of fact, there are several specific factors that have contributed to the development of mobile websites. These are as follows

Reasons to have mobile-friendly websites

  • Most importantly, as it has been taken up in the preceding paragraph, Smartphone has become unbelievably affordable for the society. In fact, every alternate person, one meets these days, invariably, carries a version of the android devices or the other. These gadgets are exclusively ideal for hand-held browsing.
  • Easy affordability of android phones has in turn facilitated the popularity of browsing the internet on a Smartphone. According to researches, about 48 per cent of Smartphone users switch to a Smartphone from an ordinary mobile device only to access the internet.
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) is a popular and useful application on a Smartphone. It provides perfect road directions, as well as it helps searching various locations and services. Thus, people find it convenient to search out a business outfit, using GPS application on an android phone.

As such, android phones have enabled people to log into and browse the internet even while they are on the go.


  • SEO strategies that are intrinsic to any online marketing campaign can easily be implemented on mobile websites as well.
  • Mobile version of websites runs on cross browser environment with identical smoothness.
  • These are, furthermore, capable to produce an impressive user experience.
  • Optimizing websites for mobile devices is significantly cost-effective. It does not take a fortune to create or maintain a mobile version of any website.

Factors to take into account

Optimizing mobile websites require certain factors to take into account. These are

  • Minimizing load-time of a webpage on a mobile device

Therefore, page size has to be small, omitting all mind blowing applications made on platforms like Flash

  • As mobile screens are tiny, size of text is crucial for websites optimized for mobile devices

Actually, it is not a smart move to cram all useful information on a single page.

  • Moreover, clicking on URLs becomes tough on the tiny screen of mobile handset. Thus, it is crucial to ensure content or relevant information on a page can be viewed easily.
  • In addition to all these, users should find it convenient to navigate between pages.

Google and mobile site optimization

In fact, the search engine giant Google has been pushing for such optimized websites for quite some time. It suggests pretty small list of actions to optimize websites for mobile devices. These include

  • Big buttons
  • Larger fonts for texts and
  • Minimum set of steps to complete a task, etc.

As such, people want access to information, as well as avail services and purchase various products, all online. Moreover, they want all these entities to reach them fast. The factors mentioned in the above paragraphs facilitate the aspect of accessing information on the internet fast and smoothly.

The future

Within a few years from now, it is certain, number of internet users through mobile gadgets will surpass the number who will access through desktops or laptops. In fact, Google already provides the benefit of accessing mobile versions of a website by using name in the search string. For example, mobile version of Facebook can be accessed easily by entering the following search string.


These factors indicate the importance of mobile internet, along with that of mobile versions of websites in the near future.