There has been a spectacular announcement – relevant to the domain of gadgets and technology – in the just immediate past. Nokia is about to launch a brand new product, in form of Nokia X2 that will come along with a new version of the X platform. No prize for guessing that this version will be 2.0. In fact, in an unmistakable twist, the gadget manufacturing giant has – furthermore – clarified that the current products, like Nokia X, X+ and XL, will not be upgraded to the X platform 2.0.

It is crucial to remember, in this context, that Nokia X+ and XL were launched hardly a month ago. Within such a short span of time these have turned obsolete! However, something similar to this had occurred, if one can recall correctly, when the electronic manufacturing giant upgraded Windows phone 7.x to 8.

Given the fact that Nokia X platform 2.0 is designed on Android API 18, it is scheduled to introduce drastic changes to its existing user interface. The android API 18 actually corresponds to version 4.3 Jelly Bean. This include,

  • Existing 3 tiles on each line of the home screen will be upgraded to 4
  • Tiles can be moved about and resized

In fact, according to Yannis Paniaras, the chief of the Mobile Phones UX Design Studio at Microsoft’s Beijing centre, necessary hardware up gradation that is required in Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL is the reason behind these models not being upgraded to platform 2.0. However, he has assured adequate updates, for the mentioned devices, to come into effect in the appropriate times in near future.

Interestingly, Mr. Paniaras did not elaborate on the necessary hardware requirements. The previously launched Nokia products came with 512 MB and 768 MB RAM, respectively. Whereas, Nokia X2 will have 1 GB RAM. Similarly the existing models have a common Cortex A5 CPU core. On the other hand, X2 will have an improved core of Cortex A7.