The concept of Open Source software is popular these days. As such, huge number of people uses this category of software, both on their personal systems, as well as on their office computers. Open source software has some specific features. These can be

open source project management

  • Freely downloaded, installed and used
  • Modified by a user, as and when required
  • Both modified and unmodified versions can be easily shared with as many numbers of people as wished

As a matter of fact, open source software are conceptualized and designed by many people. In this context, it is crucial to mention the global non-profit organization, Open Source Initiative (OSI), which is the fundamental entity supporting and promoting the Open Source movement.

As such, any Open Source software should follow a number of norms, some of which are mentioned below.

Open Source norms

  • Free redistribution
  • No specific interface or technology
  • Modifications made on newer versions of any open source software will also be regarded as members belonging to the open source forum

Project management – on the other hand – is an age-old concept that has existed in the society since time immemorial. It is the task of

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Controlling and
  • Motivating

resources, procedures and protocols to attain precise goals or objectives.

A project can be – on the other hand – defined as a temporary venture that has well-defined start and end points. It is conducted to generate a unique result, product or service.

In simpler words, projects are

  • Undertaken to provide specific goals or objectives
  • Usually constrained by time, as well as by resources and deliverables, etc.

As such, any project that is undertaken in real life is expected to bring in certain positive results or benefits.

Factors of success in project management

The basic factor that determines success in project management is whether all the objectives of the project in question have been successfully achieved. Interestingly, basic challenges that any project experiences, include

  • Project scope
  • Deadline and
  • Allocated resources, including project funding

The result of any project, in the world of business, is often determined by initial planning and the successive monitoring phases that go into it. The aspect of project management is equally important for both big and small businesses in order to develop and maintain a healthy workflow.

Web-based project management is quite common in the ongoing times. In fact, the category of project management software is not meant for managing only software-based projects. These application tools are all the more efficient in

  • Maximize production
  • Supervising projects effortlessly and
  • Better streamlining and organizing workflow, etc.

Here are some Open Source project management tools that have attained considerable prominence in the recent times.


It is open-source application and quite flexible in nature. It is written on Ruby-on-Rails framework. Most importantly, it supports cross-platform and cross-database features.

Its main features include

  • Supporting multiple projects
  • Gantt chart and claender
  • Email notification
  • Supports news, files and document management
  • SCM integration and
  • Time tracking, etc.


  • It is another open-source product. Basically, it is a collaborative developmental platform introduced by Xerox and is widely used in managing software project processes.
  • It is based on LAMP architecture (that is, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) that offers SOAP web service interface.


  • Basically, it is open source, GTD-friendly, task management system that allows user to export all data. However, if one wants, one can easily download the entire system and execute it on one’s server.
  • It possesses an inbox, a calendar and a to-do list by default.
  • The tool allows users to create new lists to sort and categorize projects and contexts.

Open Atrium

  • This open source software tool is meant for facilitating quality communication among team members.
  • This tool is completely customizable and is gradually finding its application in various federal government agencies and multinational corporate organizations, etc.
  • The tool, till date, has been translated into 25 languages around the world.

As such, there are several other tools belonging to this category that are equally popular. In fact, a range of more robust and dependable tools is in the process of being launched. These platforms have facilitated the task of keeping a track of projects to a great extent.