The term ‘Social Media’ is a pretty popular concept these days. Cutting across the barriers or geography, culture, creed and language this concept has gripped the entire society spanning across the entire planet. Social media can be described as the gift of the latest technology that facilitates human interaction around the world! Technology has always – since the onset of human civilization – provided man with a distinct edge, which in turn marked the difference between man and other living beings on earth. Interestingly, technology has also kept on changing its avatars, down the timeline. In its latest form, it introduces itself in form of the omnipotent Internet along with the knowledge of the digital world! However, the term social media can be described in various ways.

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What is Social Media?
In simplest of form, it can be described as the process of interaction among the masses, spanned across the entire world, in which they create, share and exchange ideas or information through the virtual world of the internet.
There are several prominent social media platforms, which are religiously followed by zillions of individuals, cutting across the international boundaries and geographical locations. Some of the most prominent such platforms include,
 Facebook
 Twitter
 YouTube
 Google+
 StumbleUpon and
 Pinterest, etc.
Social Media and the Contemporary Society
Advent of these Social Media platforms has vastly redefined the existing norms of the society. Human interaction has improved like that of never before. More importantly, procedures involved with conducting businesses – in general – have been modified beyond all imaginations! Captains from the corporate world are smartly using these different Social Media platform to
• Build up and expand their network
• Boosting team spirit
• Facilitating brand credibility and finally,
• Promoting their respective brands and generating business
More significantly, Social Media has the potency to drive the business houses sticking to the obsolete and outdated business procedures, for once and for all, to the trash.
On the other hand, it could be conceived as a distraction for the employees and ruining productivity. Interestingly, in spite of this severe flaw, the aspect of Social Media Optimization (SMO) has attained a phenomenal high in the recent times! As such, there are several undeniable advantages that the procedure brings.
Social Media and Advantages
Facilitating personal interaction – spontaneous interaction with both clients and probable clients are always effective in developing trust and credibility. These factors in turn contribute to developing brand loyalty. Unfortunately, conventional advertising hardly provides any interactive option of communication for the business owners and the customers.
Contributing to interactive marketing – Social Media Marketing (SMM) offers some of the most effective ways to conduct interactive marketing campaigns. Businesses only need to link their Facebook pages to their respective YouTube, Twitter accounts and blog portals, etc. This method of linking proves helpful to create consciousness about a brand among a segment of the society.
Lead generation – there are several billions of Facebook users around the world today. Taking into consideration the fact, colossal number of users in the other Social Media platforms, the aspect of advertising across the virtual world of the internet turns out to be much cheaper and faster in reaching out to zillions of potential customers, for any business.
Social Media marketing is the in-thing in the contemporary times. Businesses – however robust and lucrative – will not survive the severe competition existing in the corporate world if, they do not resort to the latest technology. It is now high time to move on and embrace this reigning concept to ensure success in the precinct of commerce and business.