Video marketing is a popular and dependable tool across the global corporate domain. According to latest studies conducted on zillions of relevant aspects, online videos rank high up, as one of the most dependable tools for generating marketing response. In fact, this trend was actually predicted by the B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey for 2012. Time has only proved the strength and accuracy of this prediction.

In other words, majority of respondents – all over the world – prefer video clippings over case studies, live demos and white papers, etc. Therefore, all marketing professionals should better assign renewed importance to this single aspect, while drafting marketing strategies for the immediate future.

Video clippings and human emotions

However, the question that pops up automatically, considering the present circumstance is why is it so? In fact, psychologists have convincing reply to this query. Video streams or audio-visual contents those are unique and captivating, are bound to arouse strong emotional feelings inside the human mind. To put it in most simple way, this is the reason, why video marketing is more capable to cut the ice than any other marketing tool.

Here are some common human feelings that video streams are capable to evoke.

  • Trust – People from the real world appearing in the videos invoke the feeling of trust among the viewers/users.
  • Curiosity – Igniting curiosity is the most effective way to have people, rather the potential customer base, alert and receptive. Video streams are capable to ignite this curiosity more than anything else. In fact, this is why most advertising videos end with a teaser about what the viewers will expect in its next sequel.
  • Confidence – Video testimonials, in contrast to those of textual ones, generate higher level of confidence among potential clients. In fact, these look more genuine than lines of texts displayed on the webpage.
  • Amusement – Creative ideas when blend with wit, the combination, invariably, gives rise to unadulterated entertainment. Thus, video files can be made amusing. In fact, most of the video clips that go viral across the Facebook and other Social Media platforms are made this way.

However, the process of making such videos is much easier said than done. It takes substantial amount of conceptual clarity, as well as video-making expertise to create such exceptional and appealing video clippings in reality.

Various formats

Considering the relevant aspects, it is obvious video clippings are one of the most prominent elements in the world of marketing. Some of the more popular video formats that are most frequently used by the fraternity of marketing professionals – in the contemporary times – include

  • Video testimonials
  • Product demos
  • About Us webpage on the respective website
  • Interactive conversations between two or more individuals
  • Interviews
  • Animated videos and
  • Celebrities endorsing the brand, etc.

In fact, instructional videos and video tutorials are popular since a long time back. Because of the factors listed above, these formats have not lost their popularity in the recent times, as well.

Marketing benefits

Video files, strictly from the concept of marketing, provide several advantages. These can be summed up as follows.

More content in less time – Videos are just a type of digital content that save people from the effort of reading volumes of text. In fact, these convey more information in much shorter time spans. Attention span of average internet users is decreasing fast with passage of time.

Evolution of latest mobile apps – Mobile internet is steadily on the rise. In this backdrop, latest versions of the apps can efficiently play and share videos. In fact, apps like Whatsapp and Viber are used by zillions of users, if not less, all over the world. These apps can efficiently handle video streams.

Story telling through Video files – Video streams, involving either animated characters or the real-world people, can effectively weave stories. Story-telling is an effective way to put across a theme or a concept and this has been proved true, time and again, down the ages. In fact, the aspect of creating brand awareness and promoting brands have proved to be more effective through video files, than with anything else.

In fact, popularity of video files in the world of marketing is bound to increase in the given coming times. These file formats are one of the most tools worldwide, especially in the contemporary times, to implement various marketing strategies successfully.