Online reputation management – abbreviated as ORM – is a pretty popular jargon, in the present times, across the corporate domain. In fact, it is not only the powerful business brands that are anxiously investing money into it. There are lots of individuals – coming from contrasting vocations – are engaging the ORM service providers to enhance their reputation across the digital world of the Internet. The concept of online reputation management is all about understanding and influencing reputation of a brand or that of an individual across the different Social Media platforms.

Corporate phase change

Hardly a few decades back, the term Public Relations (PR) was quite common across the world of business and commerce. The advent of the internet and the digital technology gradually facilitated a drastic change in the corporate sector. Popularity of the internet and the Social Media gradually brought forth the aspect of online searches. As such, it was around this phase change the concept of PR eventually made way for ORM.

Basic categorization

Online Reputation Management can be broadly divided into two segments.

  • Ethical and
  • Grey areas, respectively.

Ethical Reputation Management – this include elements like prompt responding to customer queries and addressing grievances and using online feedbacks to facilitate market for a product, etc.

Grey areas of the concerned aspect include factors like – censoring adverse comments or feedback and manipulating the computer system to influence search results for a particular search topic, etc.

ORM and Social Media

Social Media is the most popular entity that exists in the contemporary times. In fact, various Social Media platforms, like the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, etc. have zillions of dedicated followers across the world. Thus, this particular entity is a competent tool that can really make or break a brand within seconds.

Therefore, the basic of Online Reputation Management involves, keeping a constant tab on the various Social Media platforms to ensure no adverse comments, about a client, are either posted or entertained there.

Small steps to effective online reputation management

Managing reputation online is both crucial and challenging. Interestingly, the business of online reputation management is unbelievingly popular. The corporate world has become severely competitive in the present days. Thus, business entities, cutting across the industrial segments, are queuing up at the doorsteps of Reputation Management firms, to avail their specialized service.

In fact, competent Reputation Management professionals, around the world, who are apt in providing this specialized service stresses on the aspects like

  • Maintaining transparency and
  • Earning respect everywhere

as the basics of attaining a positive online reputation these days.

If an individual or a business takes care of these pair of aspects, while dealing with clients, acquaintances and the society in general, it automatically becomes difficult to tarnish that positive impression about the concerned entity across the internet.

On the other hand, steps like close and regular monitoring about what members of public are opining about a client and prompt but polite addressing to any query or adverse comment, etc. are crucial to enhance as positive and acceptable profile of any entity across the virtual world of the World Wide Web (WWW).

In fact, the aspect of canvassing a positive reputation for any business or individual, on the domain of the internet, requires sufficient creativity. As such, there are no fixed steps to success in this aspect. On the brighter side, a vast number of Indian organizations are doing really well in providing quality online reputation service to their global clientele.