Any business in the modern times requires extensive advertising and marketing drills. In fact, advent of the internet has undoubtedly facilitated business processes beyond all levels of imagination. On the flip side it has made businesses all the more competitive. In this situation, the idea of hiring a conventional printer to run the advertising and marketing campaign for your business sounds a bit alarming. Is not it so? Alternatively, employing a technology firm to conduct online marketing and advertising aspects for a business is pretty common these days.

Therefore, the query that automatically pops up in one’s mind is pretty simple. To which category do the SEO professionals belong? Are they marketing or technical experts? Let us try to find out the answer.

Evolution of websites

About a couple of decades from now, HTML was the only tool to design websites. In fact, HTML 2.0 came in the year 1995. The features that accompanied the application software were pretty simple. Yet, that was something absolutely new to the global society. Therefore, websites built on that platform could become so overwhelmingly popular.

Gradually, the tools and concepts behind web designing were upgraded. As such, today, web designing is not just about writing and executing HTML codes. One has to understand the complexities of managing

  • Server machines
  • Networks
  • Databases and
  • Several programming applications, etc.

Moreover, one has to ensure optimum visibility of the website across the Search Engines. As such, some 15-20 years back, all these aspects mentioned here were nonexistent and therefore, made no difference to the web designers.

Contemporary marketing

In the contemporary times, marketing has become a perfect cyclic process. The cycle starts with research and is followed by strategy and planning, respectively. In fact, if there is a strategy then there should also be a means to quantify the success that the strategy brings. In simpler words, it is all about assessing success quotient of any marketing strategy.

Implementing marketing strategies, as well as conducting advertising campaigns is heavily task-oriented. Simultaneously, this aspect of the operation also requires expertise, experience, knowledge and discipline in order to achieve success.


In fact, this is the grey zone where marketing and technology overlaps each other.

Gradually, as the process continues following its own course, gathering data on various measurements, generating report from that data and interpreting results keep occurring automatically, in a serial process. Finally, the interpretation is sent to the client.

As such, it is not only about what works. The entire process also keeps a tab on those factors that – for whatsoever, reason – failed to work.

As such, both SEO and marketing campaigns follow this basic flow of events. However, there is striking differences that exist among the two.

The cost of service for these two entities varies more than anything else. Moreover, unlike the conventional marketing strategists, SEO service providers shoulder some additional responsibilities. Thus, hiring a competent SEO organization helps in generating some extra and crucial advantages.


Conventional business marketing uses platforms like

  • Print media (including, newspaper and magazine, etc.)
  • Billboards
  • TV and Radio and
  • Distributing leaflets, etc.

Whereas, internet marketing tools that SEO professionals use include

  • Various Social Media platforms
  • Link building
  • PPC and
  • Adwords, etc.

In spite of these differences, marketing and SEO strategies are perfectly complimentary to each other. As such, one cannot prosper without the other. SEO professionals – in a way – deal with technology with the objective of providing marketing advantages to their clients. Just like conventional marketing objective, SEO experts strive hard to build brand awareness and brand loyalty. Both the approaches are based on helping clients generate more business.