Trends and strategies in the world of Search Engine Optimisation keep changing incessantly. As such, it is one of severely dynamic precincts, in the present times, across the entire corporate realm. In fact, the search engine giant, Google keeps updating latest versions of its indexing algorithms from time to time. These updates invariably alter the established strategies in the business. It is vital for websites to abide by these Google guidelines, or else there is the chance of being severely penalised by the search engine.

As recent as in 2014 itself, Google has unleashed its Panda 4.0 update. Consequently, the release has facilitated overwhelming changes into the existing world of the SEO. Here is a brief overview of the resultant changes that have taken place.

  • Content is the king!

Unique, grammatically error-free content that is both informative and relevant to a given context is the stepping stone for any successful SEO campaign in the recent times.

There are innumerable websites that appear on a SERP listing. Therefore, a given website has to stand apart from the rest, in order to attract online traffic. This aspect can be best achieved by posting high quality content. Readers, in fact, will come to understand a product or a service much better by flipping through the text accompanying a website.

High quality content actually cuts the ice better with blog posts and whitepapers. However, thanks to evolution of HTML5, one can easily incorporate media like video or info-graphics to a webpage. A well researched content when presented in the aforementioned forms is also known to provide overwhelming results.

Moreover, content has to be relevant to the keywords that are – in turn – relevant to a given site. Suppose, a business deals with catering. In that case, list of keywords should be relevant to the trade the business conducts. Secondly, content created for the website should revolve around the respective keywords.

In fact, content that is irrelevant to rest of a website is adverse to successful SEO campaigning.

  • Rising trend of mobile internet

Prices for Smartphone and tablets are just slashing downward, in a continuous manner. In other words, the number of users for these specific electronic gadgets is increasing exponentially. As such, the trend to access the internet through mobile devices has attained an all-time high these days.

Therefore, it is crucial for the corporate organisations to facilitate mobile optimisation for their respective online portals. In fact, websites that are not mobile optimised are losing out a crucial chunk of business almost every day. Significantly, on the other hand, Google is generating higher SERP rankings for websites that have their respective mobile optimised versions already put in place.

  • Long tailed keywords and conversational search strings

Long tailed keywords and conversational search strings are providing better results already, courtesy Google’s Hummingbird update. Therefore, it is essential for websites to get optimised for successfully handling of such extended search strings.

In fact, businesses that will not assign adequate priority to this piece of advice are more likely to be in a soup, on the aspect of SERP listing, in the immediate future.

  • Links inserted into press releases are good for brand building only

In contrast to the earlier perception, press releases have become an excellent tool for brand building. Posting press releases is no more an effective strategy to conduct SEO campaign successfully.

In fact, by the beginning of 2014, Google had made a crucial announcement. It said that press releases that link back (“dofollow”) to the respective websites will invariably fetch penalty.

The SEO industry is one of the fastest changing segments in the contemporary world of business. As such, one has to keep abreast with all the latest developments that are taking place in this sector. Competition across the segment has attained an unprecedented high. In this circumstance, any aspiring business entity should ensure that the aspects mentioned in this column have been thoroughly implemented by its designated SEO service providers.