Explosive growth of Social Media has been a strong catalyst in escalating the impact of digital marketing in the corporate world. As such, Social Media platforms including, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others have zillions of followers, if not more, across the world. Public opinion is almost an omnipotent tool to make or break any business. Therefore, the fact that digital media does have considerable impact in shaping the destiny of any business cannot be denied any more.

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Social Media and truth

Social Media platforms have delivered a crucial message to the world of business and commerce by now. Firstly, the platforms have helped generating awareness among the public, cutting across social, religious and political boundaries, on just any issue under the sun! Unlike that of the past, businesses, in the recent times, have to be more honest and upfront to the customers. There is no more running away from reality and blowing up biased stories with distorted facts to promote a business to success. Customers are more conscious than they were a decade or so ago.

Businesses and Digital Marketing

In this volatile set-up where transparency rules supreme, it is indeed crucial for just any business entity, irrespective of its core expertise area and existing business volume, to ponder upon digital marketing, in order to promote its business to further heights of success.

Small players and conventional advertising

As far as, contemporary India is concerned, small and medium-sized businesses occupy the major portion of the corporate landscape. A large portion of the revenue that is generated in every financial year comes from these entities. In order to survive and grow, these players do allocate a substantial part of their resources into advertising and promotions.

But, unfortunately, on the flip side, these players hardly consider exploiting the Digital Marketing avenues, which, in most probable case, could have provided them with much better returns. As such, there is no acceptable reason for this trend. The obvious explanation that could be attributed is lack of adequate consciousness among the captains of small and medium-scaled businesses.

Digital marketing for small businesses

The aspect of digital marketing – however – is most apt in promoting small businesses to unparallel heights of success.


  • Most importantly, the platform of the new-age marketing concept is helpful in understanding the business goal better; as well as, to keep a tangible record of progress towards that goal.


  • It is also effective in measuring the, apparently, abstract Key Performance Indicator (KPI) into a tangible sheet.


  • Google Analytics is a free and helpful tool to keep track of the success of any digital marketing drive. However, one needs to avail a regular analytics service to reap in this benefit.


  • Technology provides one with all the possible edges to track almost every digital marketing strategy that is implemented in a specific campaign. Tracking a chosen set of KPIs, including newsletter subscriptions and contact form submissions, etc. can be documented and provided to the clients by any competent digital marketing expert.


  • The conversation area of Google Analytics helps in monitoring the goals, including a PPC campaign. Even sales recorded on a website can be tracked using this tool.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the globally accepted method to increase prominence of any website. As a client to the SEO sector, one can even monitor the contribution of an SEO service provider in popularizing a web portal.


  • There are tools like, Social Crawlytics and Followerwonk that are helpful in measuring success of promotional campaigns conducted across the different Social Media platforms.


Considering the fact that online marketing is getting more and more popular these days, it is high time for any aspiring corporate entity to consider using digital marketing, including the Social Media platforms to promote itself. Firstly, business promotion across the digital marketing platform runs into pretty nominal expenses. Moreover, it enables one to reach out to a much larger target group very fast. Above everything else, the set of smart tools that are available in the world of internet makes it possible to track and tangibly measure the progress, almost at all instants.