The approach to link building has changed significantly these days. Various categories of link building that was effective previously have either become less significant or completely obsolete in the recent times. In fact, this ongoing trend has put the focus on how certain types of link building can be converted into successful and long lasting content marketing campaigns. However, before proceeding further on how, it is crucial to understand why the aspect of content marketing is important?

Importance of content marketing

  • According to a survey, conducted in 2013, a steadily increasing number of B2C (Business to Consumer) establishments are planning to increase their budget on content marketing these days.
  • On the other hand, a steadily increasing number of B2B (Business to Business) establishments are similarly planning to increase their existing budget on content marketing these days.
  • In fact, there are many experts who consider content marketing as the actual future of online marketing.
  • Content marketing requires to be handled expertly. When conducted correctly, it is powerful enough to move the message from a banner to a particular brand and convert the engagement from a view to a conversation.

The aspect of buying links, which was pretty common in the previous times, has become futile with the recent Google updates. Considering all these trends, it is clear that content marketing is the in-thing, especially in the recent times.

Aspect of content creation

  • Content topics require being broad enough to cover multi-faceted aspects. Writings on a given topic from various aspects help readers retain their interest. In fact, it stirs the interest among various categories of readers, thus bringing in more traffic to the blog posts.
  • On the other hand, covering various aspects of a given topic is actually helpful for many other websites in providing link to the published blog.

Now, interestingly, there are two approaches to content marketing, viz. wheat-bread and white-bread contents, respectively. In fact, both these strategies are helpful in writing content that is informative, interesting and attractive to readers.

  • In wheat-bread strategy, in-depth information about a given topic is provided. Before getting into this kind of writing, thorough research is conducted and likewise, the content reflects all intricacies relevant to the topic in hand. This kind of work actually creates credibility of the author among the reader base, indicating that the writer is well-informed about the topic in question.
  • However, this kind of work is not required in all situations. At times it becomes essential to deliver white-bread content. These contents are somewhat like light refreshments in form of snacks that actually get considerable amount of social shares. These include catchy headings like, “5 Ways to Success for ….!”
  • Guest blogging is another popular way to write interesting content. The aspect of guest blogging is all about writing in response to someone else’s blog.

This type of blogs helps generating more exposure and links than ordinary blogs and articles.

Inbound channels

These apart, there are several inbound channels to create and place content into. These include

  • YouTube
  • SlideShare and
  • itunes, etc.

Creating meaningful and innovative video content is a big hit in present times. YouTube is the most ideal, in the recent times, place to upload or post a video content.

Moreover, for B2B organizations, SlideShare is a helpful platform to create and upload meaningful content to. Although, quantity of visitors on this platform is quite less, but on the aspect of quality of visitors, SlideShare outperforms others.

On the other hand, podcasting can provide excellent mileage if one can manage to stay at the top for a few days, on a given section. Actually, this is not tough to achieve, especially for those having an email list of at least a thousand members.

As such, one of the assured facets of the digital technology is its dynamic nature. As of now, these are some of the successful content marketing strategies practiced in the recent times. In course of time these will make way to some different and contrasting strategies for sure.