ASP is the acronym for Active Server Pages. However, it is also often referred to as Classic ASP or ASP Classic. In fact, it was the first server-side script engine that Microsoft designed to facilitate dynamically generated web pages. Like any other software application, ASP has developed in stages. The versions differ in features. For example, ASP2.0 had six built-in objects. These are

  • Application
  • ASP Error
  • Request
  • Response
  • Server and
  • Session

The in-built engine for ASP supports Component Object Model (COM) and thus websites built in ASP are able to access DLLs.

PHP – on the other hand – is the acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. As such, it was previously known as ‘Personal Home Page.’ It is actually a server-side scripting language that has been designed for web development. Interestingly, PHP can also be used as a common programming platform, just like Turbo C.

PHP is highly popular around the world. It supports several millions of web sites and web servers around the world.


Both these software applications are widely used to create dynamic websites, which can efficiently interact with databases. As such, drawing parallels among these two is pretty common. There are several aspects on which the two applications differ with each other.

Ownership – Firstly, PHP is open-source software that is developed and maintained by the Open Source forum. Contrastingly, ASP is owned by Microsft.

Supporting O/S – PHP runs on a number of Operating Systems, including Unix, Windows and Linux, etc. ASP – being a Microsoft product – runs only on Windows.

Functional aspect – Development in PHP is much faster. It supports automatic type conversions and certain other advantageous features. Contrastingly, ASP has a better error-checking system, which implies it is more prone to generate error reports. Thus, working pace in ASP is comparatively slower.

Flexibility – PHP is highly flexible. As it is an Open-Source language, just anyone can add and modify its features. ASP, on the other hand, is extremely rigid in structure.

Syntax base – PHP syntaxes are based on C++ and as such have extensive similarity with Object Oriented Programming. ASP syntaxes have originated from Visual Basic (VB).

Considering all these factors it is obvious why PHP is more popular worldwide. As such, there is vibrant online community to seek help to on any problems and confusions related to PHP. Therefore, programmers and developers prefer this application more to the other one.

As such, both ASP and PHP are highly reliable platforms. In fact, regarding this particular aspect, the two applications are ideally at-par with each other. But because of the other factors mentioned above, PHP enjoys a distinct edge over ASP in the commercial domain.