Considering the unprecedented popularity of internet and digital technology, one cannot deny the contribution that online business makes in promoting a corporate entity, in the ongoing times. As such, implementing good SEO strategies is an excellent way to drive a business into prominence. In this backdrop, it is only obvious that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry is booming at a steady pace. In fact, given the expertise and professionalism of Indian SEO experts, the country has turned into a global SEO hub, catering to the needs of international clients.  In this context, however, it is better to take note of a few mistakes that SEO experts commit pretty often. These flaws if be avoided, it will be easier to scale further height of success.

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Common mistakes on SEO aspect

Duplicate content – Duplicate content is to be avoided at any cost. Google has strongly implemented the practice of promoting original and informative content.

There was a time when duplicate content did not use to matter; rather, it helped in boosting SERP ranking to some extent. In the current context, this practice may backfire, inviting wrath from the Search Engine major.

Therefore, be it website content or blog posts, it is better to stick to original content, based on original topics.

Do not focus on page ranking – Although, it may sound strange but page rank is not the only metric to determine the success of implemented SEO strategies. It is just one of the 200 relevant factors that are used to crawl through a website and generate its ranking.

As such, page ranking is important to get into the first page of a SERP listing. However, any competent SEO professional should rather focus on other aspects like

  • Return on investment (ROI)
  • Relevancy and
  • Analytics, etc.

Buying links – The practice of buying links is a great risk to curb prominence of a website. For an online portal that is already popular, buying links may contribute to its gaining a temporary boost in SERP rankings.

However, the way Google bot and spiders of other Search Engines work it is inevitable that this unethical practice will be detected and then the website will be penalized.

Keyword stuffing – There was a time when keyword stuffing was a widespread strategy for successful SEO campaign. However, times have changed and so has Google’s take on this aspect.

In the present times keyword stuffing is

  • Unethical and
  • Adverse to generate better SERP rankings

It is more meaningful to create separate pages for each keyword and optimize those separately.

Working on the title tags – It is one of the most crucial factors in generating impressive SERP rankings. Here are certain factors to keep in mind while defining a title tag.

  • A title has to be short, ideally not more than 60 characters.
  • More importantly, an SEO professional should try optimizing the title tag.

Suppose, a blog post has the title ‘Organic Cotton Toys Redefining Your Child’s Safety’

A competent title tag should focus on a keyword. It could be something like, ‘Organic Cotton Toys’ where, ‘Organic Cotton’ is the keyword in this case.

Contents should be of adequate word count – As far as content is concerned, Google has already emphasized the importance of

  • Original
  • Informative
  • Grammatically correct and
  • Unbiased

content.  However, volume of contents also matter. A content that is too short in volume makes an adverse impact on the readers. Moreover, Search Engines may consider it as low quality content and thus, affecting its Search Engine Page Ranking.

Aspect of ALT Tag – Search Engines like Bing, Yahoo! And AOL, etc. emphasize on the ALT tag, although, Google does not. As such, if a picture is not optimized for a keyword, it remains just an image file. ALT tag is the tool to optimize it, while pasting the image on a blog post. This proves helpful in conducting SEO campaigns successfully.

Image files also require to be named with a well-defined expression. Suppose, a picture file related to the theme video camera, resides in the hard disk by the name “pic1012.jpg.”

While inserting it on a blog post related to video camera, it is more meaningful to renames it, say as, “videocam-wall-installation.jpg”

Last but nevertheless the least

In addition to the common faults mentioned above, there are certain minute mistakes that occur pretty frequently, on the SEO aspect. These include

  • Not updating site map in regular manner
  • Using generic descriptions for blog posts and
  • Broken 404 pages, etc.

Even layout and placement of texts matter a lot to the readers. All these factors are relevant in making a website more attractive and helpful to its visitors. Thankfully, these minor defects can be addressed any time, making the effort, made in SEO campaigning, all the more fruitful.