Google Play Store is a virtual platform that distributes software applications for Android Operating System (OS). In other words, it is exactly a virtual store – solely operated by the Search Engine giant Google – to procure various products belonging to the digital media category.

It allows users to surf through and download various applications that are developed with Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and are published using the Google platform

google play store

Apart from apps, the Play Store allows downloading stuffs like

  • music (mp3) files
  • video streams, including movies and TV programs,
  • games
  • electronic versions of books and magazines, etc.

Play Store is – therefore – a smart application to access one’s favorite music, movies, games and books, etc.

Play store app and Android phone

Although, this app allows downloading other apps for an Android phone, however, one cannot download it to an Android handset. It comes preinstalled along with the gadget. Prior to FROYO (or, Frozen Yogurt) this application was known as Android Market.

Finding the Android version

Finding the version of the Android OS on a Smartphone is an easy task. One needs to browse through the Settings and land into About Phone/Tablet, where the running version of the OS for a device can be displayed.

Accessing Play Store

Accessing the Play Store on an Android device is no big deal, either! One can go to Settings menu and directly access and launch the Play Store app from icon there. However, there could be occasion when finding the icon may not be so easy. Even if the icon is found, launching the application could not be possible. In such situations,

  • It is better to confirm that the device in hand is indeed an Android device
  • The app could have been, accidentally, hidden and needs to be unhidden

In any case, restarting the device proves helpful more than often. However, if the problem still remains unsolved, one has to seek help from the retailer or the manufacturer.

Downloading using Play Store

For smooth downloading of the apps through Play Store, one needs a Wi-Fi or a 3G or 4G mobile data connection. As such, the apps available on the digital platform can be segregated into two categories. Some are for free and some are paid products.

Most of the apps are hardly a few megabytes in size and thus, the process of downloading takes only a few minutes at the max. The process – moreover – is pretty uncomplicated and simple.

  • Touch on the Play Store icon and open it
  • Select an app for downloading
  • Touch Accept option, after the system reviews the particular app’s permission setting and
  • Then touch Install option

In case, the app selected is a paid one, appropriate options facilitating payment for the product will automatically pop up. One can easily download apps from Play Store using computers, other than the Android handsets.

Common problems in downloading

As it happens pretty frequently, downloading an app seems troublesome. In such situations, restarting the device and retry the downloading process prove effective most of the times. However, if unfortunately, things do not improve even then, there are common troubleshooting steps that one can apply.

  • Check the data connection is alright
  • Ensure, Download Manager has been turned on
  • Check the available storage space on the concerned device
  • Erase all cache and data existing on it

Google Play Store has reinvented the process of accessing information and resources across the virtual domain of the World Wide Web (WWW). The Android software, as a matter of fact, further revolutionized the revolutionary aspect of digital connectivity in the contemporary times.