Google, Bing and Yahoo! are as such, three major Search Engines that are used across the world. Each of these entities has a vast and steady user base. In fact, most users prefer using each of these, based on different situations. Most significantly, it is really difficult to finalise a uniform strategy for online business that will run with equal efficiency across the three entities. Let us take up each of the entities separately.


It is one of the prominent Search Engines across the planet. However, because of some policy that its management has approved, Yahoo! has lost its own Search Engine facility since 2010. In fact, the search facility that it provides today is actually “powered by Bing.”

Any search string entered on Yahoo! is resolved in the following manner.

  • Yahoo! accepts the search string
  • Send them over to Bing
  • Receives search results from Bing and
  • Likewise, displays it on its website

However, there is a small twist. Yahoo! may decide to display search results in a different way as compared to Bing. That is why identical search strings entered separately on the two websites invoke identical results. However, information may be displayed in different formats.

Apple Siri

Here is a tiny fragment of information that is relevant to the present context; Apple Inc. has launched a smart application by the name Siri. This application in fact retrieves all necessary information that an Apple user looks for through Bing.

Bing and Google

In fact, there is a significant alikeness in the ways both Bing and Google functions. A website or an online article that receives maximum number of visitors is likely to remain at the top of their respective SERP listings.

On another aspect, both are quite dependable in safeguarding privacy of the online visitors. However, Bing enjoys a slight additional advantage in this context.

As a matter of fact, Bing is slightly handicapped to retrieve any local information, in contrast to Google.

Considering the reality, Google – as a Search Engine – is more dominant across the globe in comparison to Bing. A vast number of internet users, cutting across colour, creed and nationality, depend on Google more than anything else.