There was a time – in the long past – when carrying a chic mobile gadget was just enough to turn all heads around. However, technology has evolved to unbelievable heights in the meantime. In this severely changed circumstances, flaunting an expensive mobile handset in just inadequate to make all heads turn towards any given individual! Actually, one needs to add some extra zing and walk the extra mile to get recognized as the genuine gadget freak among one’s friends and peers.

In this context, it is indeed crucial to introduce the latest gadget accessory product in the market, in form of Sony Ericsson Live View MN800 Watch Bluetooth Device, which is exclusively designed for Android Mobiles and Tablets.

Price and description

  • The product is priced at INR 3,899.00.
  • The unique product is actually a wearable device that looks pretty identical to a wrist watch.
  • It can be easily clipped on the shirt, belt, jacket and notebook, etc.
  • This gadget allows a user to control her/his Smartphone in a remote way, without having to take it out of the pocket.
  • The device features Bluetooth technology that has an impressive range of up to 10 meters.

Thus, the 1.3 inch device that facilitates micro display, allows several advantages to its users, which are as follows.


  • Enables displaying incoming calls and messages along with caller-id facility
  • Read texts
  • Getting timely updates on one’s Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • Check incoming mails
  • Displays existing battery life
  • Even allows running music players on the mobile phone, along with displaying information on the currently playing track
  • The calendar updates will unfailingly prompt about important dates and events
  • Above all these, in case one is unable to trace one’s phone, there is this in-built feature, in LiveView that will help in tracing the phone for its user!

The wireless accessory can be worn like a wristwatch, if one so wants. In short, this gadget allows a user to interact with one’s Smartphone, without even taking it out in the open. The applications that come with it are perfectly customizable.

Other specs

  • As mentioned earlier, the screen is 1.3 inches, providing a perfect 128×128 resolution mirco display
  • Physical dimension, in terms of length, breadth and width 35×110×35
  • Battery life is quite impressive; it lasts up to 4 days with normal usage
  • A micro USB connector that comes along with the product helps it to get charged
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty


It is ideally compatible with any mobile handset that runs Android version 2.0 and above. It is perfectly attuned with Xperia X10, XperiaX10 mini, and Xperia X10 mini pro, Motorola Milestone XT720, Motorola – Moto Flipoutamsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HTC Desire S, HTC Cha Cha, LG Optimus 2X and many more.

This new-age device rightly heralds the advent of a new age, with respect to that of electronic gadgets. Considering the various advantages that the tiny appliance offers, it is priced quite reasonably. However, speculations do not prove correct on all occasions, especially when commercial viability of a product is concerned. The product has already been launched in India.  Therefore, the following months will ensure how well this innovative product will be accepted in this country. f