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2014 | National IT Solution - Part 6
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Android Development Facilitating Revolution

Technology has made an unprecedented progress in the current times. If one looks back to the history of human evolution, one will, unfailingly, see how technology has defined and redefined man’s destiny on earth! There was a time, when entire human technology summed up to a collection of bones and stones that were sharpened to..

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Simple Factors that Often Leads to Great Contents

A good content has immense potential to facilitate the visibility of any website. A high-quality content easily gets circulated on the internet and eventually, gets referred naturally. As such, an attractive write-up subscribes handsomely in creating a positive image for a business. However, just writing up a good content does not happen on its own…

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An Integrated Discussion on the Concept and the Scope of KEI

In order to execute business, the value and the worth of a commercial product or service needs to be reiterated to the customers. The process of this communication is what marketing is all about. Conceptually, marketing as a concept, binds the society’s material requirements with that of financial aspect. Marketing is a corporate responsibility that..

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Digital Marketing: A Futuristic Study

The concept of marketing – in the recent times – has changed thoroughly. The vast changes that have come up in this segment have modified the dimensions of conventional marketing strategies beyond all expectations. In this changed ambience, conventional strategies of marketing are being replaced by an array of new ones. At this point, it..

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PPC Management Services and Relevant Aspects

PPC is the abbreviation for Pay-per-Click and is one of the most popular online advertising techniques in the present times. The basic concept of PPC can be resolved as per following: The advertising technique is meant to direct traffic to a website A business advertises itself on the internet As the medium is the World..

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Innovative Marketing Strategies with Social Media Optimization

The term ‘Social Media’ is a pretty popular concept these days. Cutting across the barriers or geography, culture, creed and language this concept has gripped the entire society spanning across the entire planet. Social media can be described as the gift of the latest technology that facilitates human interaction around the world! Technology has always..

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A Few Words on Organic SEO in the Latest Backdrop

The world of the digital technology keeps changing itself to its very core almost on an everyday basis. Computer technology is an ever-evolving entity and as such, the biggest challenge in the IT sector is to maneuver the capacity of coping with the severe dynamism that exists there. Especially, for an SEO professional it is,..

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